Residential Solutions


Luxsit Integration employs the most advanced and user-friendly home automation and control technology available to integrate the various sub-systems in your home. From simpliflying remote control of your family’s home theater system to full home automation integration of lighting, motorized shading, Security, Cameras, Music Systems, etc.


With Luxsit Integration distributed audio & video solutions, entertainment is always within reach. A simple touch of a handheld controller or wall-mounted touchpanel activates music anywhere in your home.

Home security

Convenience and security become one with custom systems that control security through an elegant interface. Designed to satisfy the most discriminating clientele, Luxsit Integration products integrate seamlessly with many of the industry-leading security solutions for a truly intuitive experience.

media Room

The two core philosophies that drive Luxsit Integration are quality and ease of operation. If your interest is in building a high performance music system, visiting our showroom is a must. Or perhaps you would be more interested in discretely placed speakers throughout your home that easily play music from your computer, tablet or phone…we have you covered there, too.

smart lighting

Lighting control gets rid of all the bulky banks of light switches on the wall. In their place is a clean, easy to control keypad or panel. Now, the focus is on the art hanging on your wall and not the mass of light switches.

Hi-Fi Audio

Music is food to the soul. HiFi is the heartbeat to audiophile entertainment. A priceless devotion to respect for premium sound reproduction. Stop listening to CRAP AUDIO!.

Home Cinema

A dedicated home theater is designed specifically for watching movies or television on a big screen via a projector and usually cannot be adapted for other uses. It delivers a true movie theater experience with a projector, projection screen, and crystal clear picture and sound. With stadium style seating, surround sound, soundproofing and low ambient style lighting.


Every Smart home deserves its own custom network to cater for robust future home technology. We would integrate an extremely reliable and secure wireless and wired networking distribution throughout your home